Most people think of a roof as something that is pretty standard, something that doesn’t change much with time. So, sometimes our Cleveland roofing customers are surprised to discover that there are trends in residential and commercial roofing in Ohio

Roofing might not be as trendy as fashion or home decorating, but styles and materials in the industry do evolve. Yes, if you look around at the roofs in Cleveland, you will see a lot of asphalt shingles. They continue to be the most popular option for homeowners. 

If you looked closely at all those shingle roofs in Cleveland, maybe you noticed that there are some new colors you haven’t seen before. And you’ve probably seen the more three-dimensional form that shingles are taking these days. 

Interesting Trends in Roofing 

Most people aren’t going to put a new roof on their commercial facility or on their house simply because of the latest trend, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t trends in the industry that are worth following. 

AccuLynx, a company that makes management software for roofing contractors in Cleveland and around the country, recently identified a number of the Biggest Roofing Trends. 

“The on-going push for environmentally friendly products has led to an increase of solar roofs, cool roofs, and green roofs,” they report. “Metal roofing has also gained popularity recently due to the wildfires along the West coast. Metal roofing is an excellent fire resistant roofing option, so many have used it to adapt to new fire codes and fire proof their homes.”

Safety should always be a consideration when choosing a material for your roof, but Cleveland doesn’t have to contend with too many wildfires. Our biggest natural challenges come during the winter months when heavy, wet snow can pile up on your roof. 

The folks at AccuLynx say, “Another roofing material trend is the use of silicone coating to seal roofs. This silicone coating provides an alternative to re-roofing and extends the life of the roof by forming a seal that prevents leaks and protects from UV rays.”

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