October is Financial Planning Month. It may not be right up there with your favorite holidays, but it is important. The lessons learned from those 31 days of observation can be carried forward and applied to your plans for a home improvement project – like a new roof or Cleveland roof restoration.

A major home-improvement project like roofing for your Cleveland area home can be as daunting as it is disruptive, but when you consider the value it adds to your home and the safety and security it brings to your family, it definitely is worth the investment. 

Here are some lessons from Financial Planning Month to consider prior to hitting the search bar for “roof contractors near me.”

  • Make a budget and stick to it.
  • Cut expenses where you can.
  • Start saving for your Cleveland roofing initiative.
  • Get caught up on your bills.

“Heading into the holiday season, Financial Planning Month reminds us to keep our spending in check and prepare our budgets,” the National Day Calendar Web site states. “While it’s always better to give than receive, it’s smarter [to] stick to a budget all year long. That’s why Financial Planning Month takes a fresh look at our spending habits in October. Depending on where we are in life, our approach to budgeting changes. However, if we start out saving and planning for our financial future when we’re young, the target is easier to make.”

This is not only a great time to be reviewing your finances; it is also a great time to be thinking about your residential or commercial roof. Cleveland winters can be rough on roofs and you won’t want to wait until the snow is piled up to find out you have a problem. 

If you would like to get a free quote on a project involving roofing in the Cleveland area or if you have any questions about budgeting for a major home improvement project – like a new roof – we hope you will call All Weather Roofing of Cleveland, Ohio at 440-888-7931.