You don’t have to be in roofing to know Cleveland is not exactly at its best in February. 

If you look up the records regarding average sunshine in Ohio in February, you will find that Cleveland averages only three sunny days in February. If you throw in the partly sunny days (days when clouds cover 40 to 70 percent of the sky during the daylight hours), the average jumps up to 9 days. 

Put another way, Cleveland is, on average, sunny only 37 percent of the time in the month of February. 

February is actually better than January, which averages only 8 sunny or partly sunny days. It must be the cumulative effect of week after week, month after month of cold, grey days that makes February seem so dreary. 

But you don’t really need us to tell you that in Cleveland folks are always grateful that February is the shortest month of the year. 

You need us to tell you how to make those last lingering gasps of winter weather more bearable. 

Lighten Up with Skylights!

Some folks say buying fresh flowers can help to brighten the dreariest of days, but we are Cleveland roofing contractors so our suggestion is to install skylights!

Here are just a few great reasons to reasons to add skylights to your home in 2022:

  1. Skylights capture 30 percent more daylight than windows and all that extra light can boost your mood. In fact, according to our friends at VELUX, “Studies have shown that exposure to natural light enhances mood and helps to synchronize the body’s circadian rhythm, resulting in a better night’s sleep.”
  2. A skylight can make even a small room feel spacious. “Opening the roof to a sky view, not only brightens the room, but creates the illusion that it’s bigger than its actual square footage,” say the folks at VELUX. “That hallway bathroom with no windows? Look to the ceiling to transform it into a more inviting space.”
  3. 10. Through the end of 2022, solar skylight products and their installation are eligible for a whopping 26 percent federal tax credit. “The tax credit applies to any solar powered product and its installation, and that’s a nice chunk of change,” the experts at VELUX report. “This is the last year the federal tax credit on solar property will be at 26%, so schedule your installation today!”

We not only offer residential and commerical roofing services, we also offer roof restoration services in Cleveland – and that can include replacing old skylights or installing new solar-powered skylights. Call us at 440-516-7546 for more information.