If you live in Cleveland, you probably take frigid temperatures and heavy snow in stride. The experienced team of professionals at our residential and commercial roofing company are not different. It takes more than a few inches of snow and a wicked wind chill to stop us in our tracks. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that winter is the slow season for Cleveland’s roofing contractors

There are industries where you can try to save some money by having work done in the “off season.” Roofing is not one of those industries. So, before you plug “roofing contractor near me” into the search bar, you might want to think twice. 

As a blog focused on home efficiency says, “Extreme winter weather conditions make it dangerous for roofers.” 

When working in the cold and snow, we have to move more slowly than at other times of year. It’s not just that we may come in contact with icy surfaces, some common roofing materials – including asphalt shingles – are subject to cracking in the cold. 

As the Home Efficiency Guide blogger says, asphalt shingles, which are the most common type of roofing material, get brittle in the cold weather. “They can crack if not installed correctly,” he writes, adding, “Their adhesive strips won’t adhere well.” 

“Extra care should be taken when handling and/or installing asphalt shingles when the air and surface temperatures are at or below 40°F (5°C),” the experts at Owens Corning say. 

Asphalt shingles are usually made with a thermally activated sealant. “Direct exposure to the sun’s energy activates the sealant, allowing shingles to bond to the course below,” the folks at Owens Corning say when discussing cold weather shingle installation. “Several factors impact the activation time of the sealant, including but not limited to: geographic location, roof slope, roof orientation (relative to the direction of the sun), and the average daily outdoor temperature during and after installation. Shingles installed in cold weather, may not immediately seal until warmer temperatures are present for the sealant to activate.”

Don’t worry if you discover that your residential or commercial roof has been damaged, though. Even if the weather forecast is calling for a dip in the already freezing temperatures in Cleveland, our roof restoration specialists are available to help you. Call us at 440-516-7546. And there are roofing materials that can be safely installed even in the cold, so, if you do need a new roof in the depths of winter, contact us to get your free quote.