Thanksgiving will not be the same this year – the global pandemic has thrown the holiday season into disarray – but there still are many reasons for all of us to be thankful, including the roofing over our heads in Cleveland.

Home is where the heart is, so whether you are preparing a safe, socially distanced feast for the mask-wearing family or are having a virtual meal via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom, it is good to know that those four walls – and what we hope is a well-constructed roof – are sheltering and protecting you and your loved ones no matter the circumstances.

In Ohio, it has been documented that the No. 1 side dish on turkey day is green-bean casserole, and our residential and commercial roofing contractors agree. What is not to like about tasty legumes mixed with cream-of-mushroom soup and topped with crispy fried onion rings?

“Thanks to Zippia, which used Google Trends to determine the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes across the country, we have plenty of insight into T-Day trends,” Eat This, Not That! reports. “The biggest surprise? Although cranberry sauce is typically considered the quintessential Thanksgiving side dish, only one state favors the jellied sauce. Meanwhile, casseroles of all kinds are far more popular than some of us may have expected.”

And for dessert? How about the classically simple Cleveland Cassata Cake in a Jar?

“Think of it as the strawberry shortcake of your dreams: layers of light, moist chiffon filled with fresh strawberries and custard and frosted with whipped cream,” writes a Food52 reviewer. “For me, it’s the fresh strawberries that really make this cake; they’re tossed with just a couple spoonfuls of sugar to release their juices but still stay firm and almost have a little crackle because of the seeds.”

When the food and festivities are over, tummies are full and thoughts move to the winter ahead of us in Cleveland, Ohio, a roofing inspection should maybe be on your list for Santa. If you have any questions about Cleveland roof restoration, call 440-888-7931.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at All Weather Roofing in Cleveland!