Ask any roofing contractor in Cleveland that handles commercial roofing projects, they’ll be familiar with the name GenFlex. 

Since 1981, GenFlex commercial roofing systems and components has been providing the kind of high-quality products that make application process easier, and that means saving you money. 

GenFlex was one of the original suppliers of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) systems. EPDM single-ply rubber roofing membrane is among the most popular choices for low-slope commercial roofing. GenFlex was also the first to market EPDM seam tape.

The History of GenFlex Commercial Roofing Systems 

The company likes to say that big ideas have long defined who they are and what they do. We’re not going to argue with them. Their association with EPDM systems traces back to 1981, but the company’s roots actually go back much farther than that, to 1915 and General Tire, which was one of the pioneers of polymers and reinforced plastics. 

GenFlex has always been associated with being on the cutting-edge and is credited with developing a number of significant advancements in commercial roofing

  • In 1996, they introduced the first 12-foot-wide TPO sheet to meet industry code requirements – and it’s still the widest sheet available.
  • GenFlex launched the first significant advancement in roofing in the 21st century in 2003 – the revolutionary Peel & Stick ™ system. 
  • The company introduced FlexWhite EPDM in 2010. It’s a white-on-black EPDM membrane that combines the benefits of a highly reflective white-surfaced membrane with the proven application techniques of a flexible EPDM roofing system.


Other companies might be satisfied with those impressive accomplishments, but at GenFlex, they’re not content to rest on their laurels. They continue to be actively engaged in research, always on the lookout for better ways that commercial roofing can combat the elements.  

Here at All Weather Roofing of Cleveland, we trace our history back almost as far as GenFlex. We’ve been installing commercial roofing for Ohio businesses since 1984 – and we’d love to help you with your next commercial roofing project.