If you are responsible for maintaining commercial roofing in Cleveland, you should know what hazards to watch out for. And who better to advise you than a Cleveland roofing contractor with more than 25 years of experience. 

You can make all the right decisions – including picking the best commercial roofing material for the type of building you are in charge of and signing a contract with a commercial roofing contractor dedicated to maintaining the highest standards – but there will always be things that are beyond your control. 

But the more you know about potential problems, the better off you – and your commercial roof – will be. 

4 Threats to the Integrity of Your Commercial Roof

In Cleveland, Mother Nature keeps us on our toes all year long – and she doesn’t give your roof a break, either. Weather accounts for many of the biggest threats to any roof. Understanding the conditions your commercial roof must survive will help you make the right decision when it comes to picking a roofing material. 

Here are the seven biggest threats to any roof:

1 – Snow & Ice 

Here in Cleveland, we know how to handle snow. Or do we? You might know how to deal with the snow that piles up on your front walkway or the snow that makes your drive home slippery, but what do you know about the snow that accumulates on your roof? When that snow begins to melt, be sure to monitor conditions to see if it refreezes. When that happens, it can create ice dams that threaten the integrity of shingle roofs. Runoff that refreezes in gutters and downspouts can also cause significant damage. 

2 – The Sun

The UV rays that are bad for your skin are also bad for your roof. 

3 – Wind & Rain

When the wind whips around your building it can catch the edges of your roof. It doesn’t have to rip the roof off to do considerable damage. Rain can get under shingles and other roofing materials – and that can lead to all kinds of troubles. 

4 – Trees and Leaves

Make sure trees are pruned so that the branches won’t scratch the roof or fall on the roof during bad weather. 

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